I always say I'm not a professional speaker, but a professional talker...and that's probably true. I have a down-to-earth speaking style that makes women feel right at home. After I give a talk, I love nothing more than to hear "I thought it was only me" and so often hear "I don't know why I'm crying!". Because I'm willing to get messy, it seems that women can take a deep breath and unravel a tiny bit when I get to the heart of the matter at hand.

I love nothing more than to speak about:

  • Being under His banner--completely covered by the Gospel.
  • Battling fear and anxiety.
  • Living a life of more passion and less fuss.
  • Really delighting in motherhood.
  • Living a Wild and Free life.
  • Conscious consumerism.
  • Creative entrepreneurship and women in business.
  • The No Brainer Wardrobe
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